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NGEx Resources Inc.
The NGEx District

Chile's Biggest New Copper-Gold Camp


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Share Capital


Share Capital

September 30, 2015

Authorized Share Capital:Unlimited number of common shares without par value
Issued and Outstanding:187,712,994

Outstanding Options

No. of Optioned Shares Expiry Date Exercise Price(Cdn)
75,000 10/14/2015 $0.85
445,000 8/22/2016 $1.90
345,000 3/26/2016 $2.95
2,625,000 5/11/2018 $0.95
2,155,000 5/07/2017 $2.05
Total: 5,645,000    


Assuming all of the outstanding options and warrants are exercised, the fully diluted share position of the Company is as follows:
Issued and Outstanding:187,712,994 shares
Total Optioned Shares:5,645,000 shares
Fully Diluted:193,357,994 shares

Insider shareholdings

Shareholdings by insiders can be found on the following websites:

Canada - System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders www.sedi.ca
Sweden - Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority www.fi.se
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